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You can rely on Seven Seas to provide comprehensive coverage for cargo transported via ocean, air, or inland. We customize policy programs for companies in the transportation business.

Our open cargo policies are a solution for importers and exporters shipping significant volumes.

Seven Seas also offer policies per shipment. Let’s discuss your cargo insurance needs.

 All Risk Warehouse To Warehouse

Seven Seas offers Warehouse to Warehouse- All Risk coverage with no deductible. While not every shipment qualifies for this coverage, we can discuss customizing a policy that works for you. Contact us to discuss your cargo insurance needs.

Protected Against "All Risk"

Your cargo is protected against “All Risk” of physical loss or damage from any external cause irrespective of percentage of loss.

From Warehouse to Warehouse

Coverage commences from the time goods leave the shipper and/or supplier’s place of business and continues in force during the ordinary and customary course of transit to the final destination.

Insurance remains in force for fifteen days after vessel discharge or upon delivery, whichever occurs first. Concealed damage must be reported within three business days of delivery.

No Deductible

In the event of a loss, Seven Seas assumes 100% of the risk so you won’t have to meet a deductible before your claim is settled.

This type of coverage is not available for certain commodities. Contact Seven Seas to see if your shipment qualifies.

Every day we insure a variety of commodities:

Seven Seas provides protection for losses caused by or resulting from:

Physical Loss and/or Damage

Container Sweat

Weather Perils

Fresh Water
Heavy Weather
Acts of God
(including hurricanes)

Transportation Accidents

Trailer or container overturn
General Average

Criminal Acts

Capture & Seizure Risk

In addition to fire, explosions, War Risks, Strikes, Riots & Civil Commotion, just to name a few other risks.

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*The Fine Print.

(Don’t worry. We won’t make it so small you can’t read it.)

Proper packaging is a condition of insurance.

Specific terms and conditions may vary per policy or type of cargo.

Contact us to discuss your cargo insurance needs.