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Seven Seas Insurance Company was established in 1967.
Cargo insurance has been and continues to be our focus.

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Seven Seas Insurance customers say we are trusted, reliable, and consistent in paying claims. We are proud to underwrite cargo insurance programs for some of the most recognized players in the transportation industry.

Air, inland and ocean carriers

With reliable cargo insurance, carriers are able to maintain strong relationships despite their limits of liability. We’ve spent decades refining programs for cargo carriers that allow them to offer the benefit of cargo insurance to their customers.

Freight forwarders and NVOCCs

Having the option to facilitate adequate cargo insurance to their customers is a valuable offering for companies in logistics and transportation. It gives a simple solution to offer cargo insurance to their customers at an affordable rate.

Importers and exporters of cargo

Our Open Cargo Policies are a great solution for importers and exporters shipping significant volumes throughout the year. We can also help to cover individual shipments carried by inland, air, or ocean.

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“In a nutshell, Seven Seas is top-notch. Excellent is the least to say. My claim resolution has been one of the easiest processes I have been through. Professional. Timely. Just awesome.”

Bruce R.

“The claim process was very easy and everything went smoothly”

Jessica H.

“Outstanding claims resolution, fast and well-organized. The staff is professional and awesome.”

Jeannine L.

“We live in a world of unpredictable events, whether it comes from mother nature or simply as a result of our daily life dynamics. Same in shipping, it just happens. Seven Seas brings that peace of mind, protection, and reward. With them, we feel 100% ready to face the unexpected.”

Martin M.

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